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We started our business to bring you quality sun protection products - whether you are in need of sun protection for any part of your body or are looking for products to improve a particular skin condition. We aim to supply the best care for sun damaged skin, skin cancer, sunburn or skin poisoning, acne, melanoma, vitiligo, skin discoloration, roseacea, liver or age spots, pregnancy mask, wrinkles and a variety of skin issues.

You will find the answer to your sun protection concerns and skin problems in our Sunsoul range of sun protective clothing, or SPF clothes, sun hats, UV protection shirts, UV protective sun visors and caps, sun sleeves or sun gloves and low-hazard sun block and non-chemical sunscreen products. We think of these products as skin therapy. Our Sunsoul sun clothing range is laboratory certified UPF50+ (ultra-violet protection factor). We also carry the Total Block and CoTZ brands of sun blocking products by Fallene. these are specially-formulated sun protection for your face, lips and body.

We advocate the use of sun block and sun protective clothing over chemical sunscreen. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) notes that 97% of Americans use a sunscreen that contains harsh chemicals and metals. As sunscreen is absorbed through the skin (sun block isn't, it just sits on the skin), medical tests increasingly point to it as being a cause of cancer.

Both the Skin Cancer Foundation and the Melanoma International Foundation advise against unprotected exposure to the sun's damaging UV rays for any length of time (even when you can't see the sun). So if you wear our Sunsoul UV protective shirt with a matching UV protection hat for only a few hours each week, you will see a significant improvement in your skin condition, generally in around 8 weeks.

Only Sunsoul's UV protection clothing is made from a uniquely pigmented, fluorescent fabric that harnesses the sun's blue or yellow light when exposed to sun light. Blumöd, a range of blue clothing, isolates and amplifies blue light, offering skin therapy as an improvement in the appearance of skin troubled by blemishes, including acne. Yelomöd, a range of yellow clothing, uses the sun's yellow light to combat the signs of aging and chronic sun damage of the skin. These patent-pending fluorescent materials have been designed into trendy, high-quality, outdoor sun clothing.

We are always happy to help you select the appropriate sun wear for your sun protection concerns, so please contact us for assistance. To learn more about the sun and your skin's needs, we hope you will subscribe to our email newsletter, 'Free skin secrets and sun-health advice'. You will discover how to get and keep clear and radiant skin. Plus learn the secrets to a youthful and attractive appearance.

You are never too old (or too young!) to start using sun block, UV protection clothing, sun protective shirts or a sun protection hat to minimize sun exposure. Dressing in sun wear and using sun blocking products provide better sun protection than just using sunscreen alone.

We look forward to protecting you and your family.

 Your friends at Sunshine Products!